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Roadside Advertising

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Who We Are

For any successful organization, communication is essential. Visual graphics are one of the most impactful aspect that will enhance communication. From retail point-of-purchase to sports graphics, large event backdrops and interior signs, Roadside Advertising has been helping clients nationwide.

When it comes to jobs that are just too big, require a faster turnaround time or lower set-up costs than silk-screening, we are the best option you can find for over size printing . With our HP FB950 digital UV ink printer and its 8’ wide flatbed and belt drive, Roadside Advertising can print with great speed & efficiency. Our printer never gets tired so we can print around the clock. In addition to Coroplast, we print on numerous other substrates including: Acrylic, Aluminum, Lexan, Foam-Cor, GatorBoard, PVC, Sintra, UltraBoard, DiBond, OmegaBond, OmegaBoard and more.

Our Specialties :

We all know that the majority of consumers are out on the weekends. One of a businesses tallest hurdles is figuring out how to get those consumers into their store. The most effective solution is a weekend event. Our event team can coordinate the production of signs, placement of road signs and manage sign walkers much like a well conducted orchestra. The result is more foot traffic in your store, therefore more sales. Whether you are going out of business or just trying to build your business a weekend event is the place to start.

Looking For More:

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Sales Events & Custom Signage

sales events & custom signage

Make your next weekend sales event an event like no other. Whether you are trying to build your business, liquidating some inventory, or making your final curtain call, a weekend event is the best place to start. Imagine increasing your sales by 40% by strategically placing signs & sign walkers throughout your community. Also if you're looking for a custom designed sign, you've come to the right place. Of course we print signs at a low cost but why not give them some style while we're at it? Our design team can interpret your vision or help you dream up one and convey it through wood, metal, plastic, glass; you get the picture. We pride ourselves on providing you with a service rather than just taking your order. We're the professionals and we'll make sure your dollars are well spent!

Coroplast Signs

coroplast signs

Our experience with Coroplast covers the gamut – 4mm white is our specialty – but we also print 4mm yellow, 6mm white, and of course 10mm white for human directional arrows. Your coroplast signs will be printed and cut to your specifications. You will get the best price imaginable. We won’t save you a million, but we’ll save you a few bucks on your next order.